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Damn...I am actually normal!

okay,, so remember how Carrie Bradshaw used to ask all these questions and write columns but never got an answer back> ? When i ask questions now its more like " when will I expect it ?" or " how often will this occur " . that's only if i am calm after having mania all day. All my life , i have held myself to a much higher standard which i had to admit,heffa you need to stop ! I would be more angry at myself for not recognizing the red flags, or letting my emotions get the best of me at work . Who said I to be the model of hard work and feminine f*cking one ! No i am serious .Athena ,herself.did not come down and be like " bitch ! you are my intern the rest of your life, here is some extra cocoa for that skin ".So i quit caring.

Now this is after multiple breakdowns, panic attacks,depression, shaming and alarming behavior,and failed personal and business relationships . They always say a lesson is to be learned but at 33 i can say..There is nothing wrong with me , this is normal !Feeling, falling in lust, feeling confused, wanting to help, feeling helpless, being overwhelmed, being confused...its all apart of life. The masses cant predict or dictate normalcy anymore..i mean come on we have a super cootie that has morphed into huge pandemic do to us,humans. Lets not go there but having feelings, being kind, working things out, seeking help, setting boundaries, and trying to be your best self is friggin cool....and normal.

we all should try it sometime .

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