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Girly Dreams

My best friend and I went out to an early dinner last week while she was in town handling business. Of course we ate good and talked for hours about our childhood,teen years,and of course ..adulthood. We are so kindred but she is the angel from Heaven that everyone in this world should have (I LOVE YOU ERICA ). While talking we noticed that our faces frowned at the same time speaking of love …then comes marriage …and Lord , is it getting late to have babies . For myself ,I have yet to have fallen in love at 33 , I do not want kids ,and I don’t even know if I want to marry . On the other hand ,Erica loves kids ,wants a few , unsure about love , and doesn’t know if she wants to marry either .Don’t get me wrong ,I am a hopeful romantic and always will be ! I have seen many examples of Queer marriage even before it was legal .Thinking it was going to be like Bette and Tina minus the dude,cheating…okay that’s not the best example but there was always deep love . My entire family has Christian,Heterosexual based families of their own that have decades behind them .I love that ! When I was a little girl I didn’t dream of dresses, fences , family home ,family homes …none of that .I was playing “Buffy The Vampire Slayer “ outside ,racing the boys to prove I was badass , or loving that all my Barbie’s were girls only ! The institution and values behind it I agree with . Surrendering my soul,heart, autonomy,and much more ….. I don’t know if I can .People change and so do our thoughts .At 33, this is where I am and I am okay with that . We will see how I feel in years with a great lady …

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