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It'S Me ...I Can't.

You know...... humans can be pretty gross. Not like farting or taking a poop. I am talking about the thing I discover every day at work. The mouth is an open cavity can easily carry or catch germs, has teeth , a tongue , used to eat, and can give pleasure many things . BUT DAMN CAN PEOPLE TAKE CARE OF THEIRS?

I do not have the perfect teeth nor lips but this Southern Bitch is gonna make sure their lips look like mason jars drying in the Savannah Sun.Them teeth will be brushed and flossed.. Daily and often throughout the day. I will make sure the skin is moisturized so that i look like a Lindor Valentines Chocolate. Also I will have my water near to stop the dry mouth . I stay with gum and mints.

That's what I do .

Everyone else ..who has the means in which I know because I handle their finances and /or hear them boast about their new purchases. But your mouth smells horrendous.

It's always the most trifling ones who have the issues with their mouth area. If he talks to you after a blunt with cracked,ashy lips ...cant trust them.

If they yell with thick /viscous spit in their mouth while offending others... Diablo's Pet

If they constantly lick their lips despite having a lip balm....inconsistent

If they vomit and then continuously talk to people with no regards ... bad spirited

If they just left the gym and whip out a pack of seasoned tuna to eat for a pick me up .... they are sweet ..and trying .


Take care, Hydrate, Moisturize, Clean , AND WATCH YOUR MOUTH.

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