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It’s okay…I day dream about exes too.

So you saw them or they found you ( Diablo tends to do that ,sends his mignions) in IG.So of course you are soooo over them but you start looking …and scrolling .Then the next two days it’s all coming back (que the wind & Celine Dion).You thing about the times you did this and when you hooked up there .Let yourself feel ! It may have taken you a long time to heal and create boundaries from them. They were a part of your life. But now ”petunia “ we gotta remember why they are an ex …. The f@&?ed up …bad …I mean really bad …I mean remember when you were so mad at work ,the lady in the corner , and you kept crying .It wasn’t fun .At all! I say All of that to say ,it’s completely normal people I have those images and thoughts .As long as you know that the stabdard is beyond higher and to wear the bomb ass low cut outfit if y’all go for drinks …it’s all good babes. 💋

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