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"Ma, you said what ?"

That is what I asked last weekend while cleaning up rice and upset that the kids did not appreciate " Aristocats". That is a F#cking classic !

My mother told me that I should go ahead and knock out 2 to get it over with. I was hoping she meant a physical and a cooter doctor appointment !

No , she meant kids. We have had this conversation many of time and lately I thought is was comfortable and accepting of my future.....Selfishly ,Happy Bachelorette.

I mean my niece and nephew constantly wanted to go outside leaving my boobs sweating and trying not to have them touch my face after playing in muddy water....its like ringworms waiting to happen .Anyways they were visiting all day and you need alllllll the Superman Juice and Harley Quinn energy to keep up with kids.

Now I know when my sister says the reason she looks like a "roach " -guys please never call yourself that its only the lack of sleeping as a parent .

I was more than ready to pack petunia and peepers up(that was their names for the day )

I will give them anything they want , no question about it but I will not give them my soul .

I never wanted children, like ever, ever ! Still don't. By this age some ladies have already been married, divorced, had children so that I have accepted. There is nothing wrong with me.I just prefer watching "WIllow" , eating my snacks, going as I please, and accepting of the response from childhood PTSD . The love of a child does not even equate to any of those I listed. I can see it in the eyes of my brother, sister, mom, and family, its beautiful.

But Ma.....lets stick having talks about world news and shopping.

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