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No More Cotton Candy Grapes after 10pm

All Hail , The Queen B bzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

I just had to show y'all what style innovation looks like .

Back to the subject , well the title is giving what the hell.

I always loved my nightcap with ice cream. My night cap is my bonnet and the night time is where I relax and participate in adult things. Now the last two years I thought it was the meds or just being exhausted I know it's wicked fruit !

Who needs twitter p*$N or old downloads when my mind makes me sleep with any and everyone . I have slept with ....not literally slept with in my dreams. Most times I am not engaging in sexual activity but its like an 2002 HBO movie at 12:05 am that I used to sneak and watch when we had the 30 days free on cable. When I tell you I have slept with the most high profile couples ...bae baeeeee they were loving on ya girl . Its like Queer Afro-Novella with sexy Brotha's. Maybe its Mother Earth explaining my sexuality to me and how much more work I have to do . Or being that Next July will be 5 years since I had s#x , I am getting myself prepped for the game . Or it can be that I haven't fully explored sex in its entirety. ...

Whatever it is , ain't nobody got time for the sudden stops in the dreams! I Give me all of it or not at all!

I am just kidding Mother Earth don't pay me any mind.

I don't know if anyone else can relate or have experienced this before but Eve , I know understand girl ....

Snacks and wicked fruit...let me go listen to some gospel and get a prayer cloth as I try not to put on this lace & leather !

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