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Playaz Gonna Play ...Let Their Ass Stay-Away

Don't Fall for the F u*%K BOY/GIRL/THEM

It's so damn easy to fall back into their sh$t isn't it ? When you have a lover from the past reach out .... you never know what you are going to get. Not that damn good sounding chocolate that Forrest Gump was talking about . Ill take that anyday , but the questioning of your self and /or the intentions can drive you to drink. Thank goodness I am of sober living. I wont go to far into the tale for the title speaks for itself but what the entire , GAY F*#CK?

The mindgame that women play is incredibly annoying yet so easy to fall into . ITs the lips for meeeeeeee! No seriously , if you listen to a woman and her physical notions ..they can entice you to do or believe anything . The facts are facts though. If she lacks physical affections, goes days without talking to you , calls only in distress, and or starts with the phrase " HEy stranger " ... grab your heels and run.

Recently, I ended up keeping my heels on just to see if it can be a true authentic friendship . For , the love line was cut really short 2 years ago and i was ill about that . See the thing with me is that any love I have other women a little too much. Even the baddest chick can question themselves when it reaches 20 times! Well lets just say that the proof is in the pudding aka SOCIAL MEDIA IS ALL THE PROOF FOR THOSE WHO LACK SENSE> When you want to put on a show or let people know you are "OUTSIDE" just remember the lies you tell and to cover your tracks.

When people show you .....HEFFA PLEASE TAKE NOTE> don't disappoint Athena and Cupid for they have the best lover in mind for you you . It aint you ,its never you, aint nothing wrong with you , you couldn't have done anyting better. Hell, there is no greater thing i could have done except TAKE THE HEELS OFF AND RUN TOWARDS THE SUN.

The League of Playaz will always be around. No mater the generation or sexuality. They are an infestation that we have to deal with when we are playing in the field of romance. Just dont water down YOURSELF nor The RAID to kill them b*#@hes!

Now, lets all watch TWILIGHT /Jasons' Lyric and eat snacks until Bumble Notifications come.

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