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Pride " Can you hold the Shame but add extra Glitter? "

June is Pride Month! I cannot believe in the last 15 years how time has changed!Attending my first pride at 17/18 was the greatest time of my life .I went with my two straight friends and wanted to see, do , and talk to everyone I met !You see some ass shit !Also you feel at home , you feel normal, and you feel like you are in your own little universe. The shows, the pretty Piedmont Park lawn, shows, liquor, liquor, okay there is way more to Pride i know because I do not drink but the first day its usually those things in one cup : )

So when you have sweated all of your clothes/hair out, dragging a gazillion beads and free swag, and contemplating are you gonna call that hottie that gave their number out .....something happens. If you are blessed to have a substantial amount of support, friends, family, confidence, and space outside the closet ,consider yourself blessed.Many go back to that 1 br. with 5 roommates, code switching at work , or back in the closet..

Why cant life always be like Pride?

Why does that "beat" have to be only applied on weekends and suit and tie throughout the weekend?

Why aren't their more parents at pride ?

Why does the party go sour when we have drank ourselves into a "stuper" because we have to go back to regular life?

I wish i had an answer for us! No one should have to dim their light or conform to what society ( ugh humans : ) wants us to be . No one should have to worry about being beat up or killed going to their friends house because others convey their sexual insecurity on them. No one should have to uproot from their family and friends just to live their life . No one should hear that "its just a phase " or " you aren't gay ,gay because you' ve never been with a guy/girl " Also, no one should have to choose between being miserable but accepted or Out and targeted.

The planet has a long way to go especially adding Pandemic Racism, Abject Poverty, Pro-Choice, HIV/AIDS, Child Hunger, Global Warming, pollution, and cleaning up our Oceans in the mix.

One person can make a difference . Let's all start by recognizing we are all special and a gift from a higher power regardless of anyone's religion or beliefs. Also, there is nothing wrong with who WE ARE. There are days where you feel on top of the Gay Universe but when you turn around you can feel alone .You don't have to know your destination right now , the journey is always more thrilling. Seek out all resources at your local school, gym, job, social media, library if you need assistance of any kind . Last but not least, FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR GAY ASS,IT ALWAYS LOOKS GOOD !

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