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Image by Klara Kulikova
Image by Yohann LIBOT

So What ?! I am a Bad Bih!

The amount of partners you had does not matter .

It’s not a woman’s job to shut up but be a teacher ,minister,mother,servant,and lover for a man .

Makeup has nothing to do with making you more attractive ,you already are .It enhances.

Get you a silver fox or one of those cornfeed men from tik tok.bad boys are lame

Get an HIV, STD test often !

Add tax to your time !

Sleeping with someone on the first night is just fine !

Being a virgin is f:$king cool !

Keep your entire body moisturizEd.

Unless they are paying your bills,pay them b$&ches no mind !

Not being authentic debits your soul

Your disability ,condition,status,skin tone ,mental illness does not define you !

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