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"What da BLoodCloT?"

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Lil'Kim said it better and even the Don Bad Man from "BELLY"!

I have always been OBSESSED with vampires, witches, and other ghoulish things.Even as a little wee kid ,i found if fascinating and super cool that I could be apart of that world .You cant tell me i am not ! So you know how there is always a love interest son some of the good shows/films ?

Hell , I am on the 34th act and I ain't bit, sucked, scared, chased after no one yet!

what kind of Queer,Short, Black ass vamp movie is this ??!!!!

I mean i even thought about opening back up my old apps Yes , I said app because it's been 17 years and women still don't even notice me . Sometimes i thing that i meant to be like Edward , with better hair , melanin, and a better temper.He lived over a century unbothered and un-phased by the ladies he has seen over his lifetime. Then comes this clumsy ass ,vegetarian.Now , well all know most queer ladies are vegetarian , that's cool. Do not ever come around when that Popeye's comes .

I digress, he is so enthralled and does what he has to do be show her yea i have some messed up ways and your smell makes me want to bite your ass but I love you girl !!!!I've fallen more in love with myself organically and that is definitely what i need to spend

my years doing. But I want to be out of the shadows and walk in the sun with my LAMB.

Not work , work, laugh,sing, masturbate, bleed , become aroused, work ,work, shop.

I already glitter in the sun so that's a plus.

All i want to know as I turn 34 on 9/27 .....

Where are you Bella ???

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