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Image by Yohann LIBOT

Where da cash at ?!!

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Can we really put a price on what we are worth …let me rephrase … your skill, work ethic , and background OVERQUALIFIES you for many zeros ! How many times must people ,especially women , be robbed of positions and higher pay ? When work is crazy ,how many times have you heard “the way the industry is going “ and /or “ well typic the company doesn’t “… but yet they ”typicalmay “ depend on you to go above and beyond with no extra pay .Let’s stop doing this shit !! Ask for that raise !Use your sick time & PTO ! Do the minimum required ! We usually kill and overwork ourselves for those who will just replace us if we fall I’ll ! Whether its planning to become an entrepreneur/small business owner ,use that dedication to build the life you want . demand that respect! Show them you are an asset! Ask for that extra $10,000 raise ! Let’s change the narrative !!!

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