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Image by Klara Kulikova
Image by Yohann LIBOT

You are beyond enough!!

I used to gagggggg and be at awe of allll the pretty girls at school.Pretty to me was a cheerleader, emo kids who didn’t give a (explicit word) ,or the super edgy Queens with they acrylics and fresh up -do’s with the scent of “Pump IT Up” lingering with their Victoria Secre t Spray.I pulled inspiration by watchinf their mannerisms,speech, their walk, and almost everything about them.Stan much?haha.I had to study when I got older I can be the baddest !Not so much for attention but RECOGNITION FROM OTHERS as a Baddie,QUALIFIED,and to be seen better than how I saw myself.I wanted smaller arms, clearer skin, to know why I had all these feelings and couldn’t express, I wanted to have hair like Hype Hair models despite others being of my locks (cmon I was the first to try Beyonc tresses hellooo!). It took years to figure out my beauty !!I hid it well that I was so very insecure by being the loudest,nose high up but not being able to completely be me .fast forward the first time I felt beautiful was in 2017 when a visit to my grandmothers .Just these few words broke me out of my mortal coil of all insecurities and comparison...”Girl you are a sight for sore eyes” I am not sure if it was the tone,or that she saw the true me despite her being sickly.I ran to hug her not knowing that would be the last time I hugged her .I cried that night by how suprised to know that I spent so much time talking and thinking about who I was not or didn’t have...I never stopped to appreciate all that I am.It took a lot of time but I a here.We all have are small imperfections,believe me they are small! We have so much more to offer than physical dcen though the world wants to say different. How you use your kidness, how you thrives to be positive in a world of chaos, how you compliment your rich,tones of honey,maple,cacoa,LeChe,cream or other with pantone to enrich your shade!it’s all beatiful! Be kind to yourself.Be in love with yourself.

Ash B.

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