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Message from Ash B,CEO of BashClothingllc: Let’s talk Hun!! Growing up in the South has taught me a lot of structure,discipline,and gems from my elders that I carry with me in my day to day and my business.With that said my mama would beat my behind if I ever did anything to affect someone’s livelihood and how they take care of their family.Your information is completely safe and will not be sold to anyone or any third party.

Multi-grain Bagel

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Green Apples

Hey Boo!Thank you for taking the time to visit Bash Clothing.We live in strange times right now which is requiring us to comply with the “new normal”.With that being said Bash Clothing will not accept returns or provide refund.We take pride in being exclusively privy to any damages or unsatisfactory compromises when buying,selling,or delivering our products .Most importantly we want our staff and you to be protected from any cross contamination .

Bash Clothing throughout the pandemic will only accept Swipe located at checkout.

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