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No ,is the best word ever after 28!

It took me until 31 to realize…I had no boundaries whatsoever.I mean …none .Letting actions that hurt me ,be over excused by one text or a sweet notion .Allowing my frustrations to explode because I felt that my voice wasn’t heard without showing my natural ,black (explicative) ! Also, having energy vampires around and supporting them through ups and downs . As you can see, this was a hot mess !

I knew that things had to change and it started with me ! What things do I like ? Do I really want to go to this club ?” They should be coming over here since they made me mad but let me just go !”..that’s When the magic happened !

Its something about when a woman comes into her inner Amazon and starts taking charge !!ITS A NO FOR ME ! If it doesn’t make me feel good ,NO .

Do I go above and beyond my comfort level ,NO.

If the bag is not secured or there is no luxury ,NO.

Will I have lunch or dinner with you just because we know each other but I don’t like your ways ,NO.

Taking my autonomy back was best decision I’ve made ! So, the takeaway away from this is ….


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